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Hi folks,

The transfer of bazel-zig-cc from my personal SourceHut account to
github is now complete: https://github.com/uber/bazel-zig-cc

Main changes:
- This will now be Uber's project, not mine. The child has grown and
left the house. :)
- CLA will be required from now on. However, pre-move copyright owners
retain their copyright of course; we did not ask to transfer it
(albeit I transferred mine to Uber for personal reasons).
- Comms are now in bazel's slack (bazel.slack.com) #zig and github issues/PRs.

Short-term a.k.a. migration:
- I will put up a release in github in the next couple of days and
communicate here; it will be my last message in the mailing list.
- This mailing list will be shut down "in a couple of weeks".
- Your links (i.e. where you download bazel-zig-cc from) will keep
working at least until 2023-06-01. After this date everyone will need
to change it to github or your own mirror (the exact details will be
announced, like said, in a couple of days).

As for why? In case you haven't noticed the comms yet, bazel-zig-cc is
now powering Uber's Go Monorepo. So it no longer fits the "personal
project" bill and it made sense to be moved. Also, but my days at Uber
are numbered[1], so it makes even more sense for Uber to increase the
bus factor. I still recommend Uber as a great place to work if you
like such things (I spend quite a bit of time with Zig during my
working hours, which is great) -- but it just does not fit the bill
for my personal circumstances.

Congratulations everyone and have fun!


[1]: https://jakstys.lt/2023/7-years-at-uber/
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On Wed, Mar 8, 2023 at 4:47 PM Motiejus Jakštys <motiejus@jakstys.lt> wrote:
> but it just does not fit the bill for my personal circumstances.

I should have made this clearer! I will be co-maintaining bazel-zig-cc
at least until 2023-06-30. Now that we have finished the move, we have
additional 2 awesome maintainers now: @linzhp[1] and @sywhang[2]. They
are from Uber's Go Monorepo/Platform teams, and have dealt with much
more Go, Bazel and Starlark than myself.

[1]: https://github.com/linzhp
[2]: https://github.com/sywhang
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