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Firstly, apologies for accidentally starting new threads.

The patch allows this c program (macOS aarch64:

extern void * __stdoutp;
extern int fprintf(void *, const char *, ...);

static void * f;
static int (*p)(void *, const char *, ...);

int main() {
    p = fprintf;
    f = __stdoutp;
    p(f, "hello\n");

To be compiled thus (with a new "extern” linkage keyword): 

data $.Lstring.2 = align 1 { b "hello\012\000", }
function w $main() {
	storel extern $fprintf, $p
	%.1 =l loadl extern $__stdoutp
	storel %.1, $f
	%.2 =l loadl $f
	%.3 =l loadl $p
	%.4 =w call %.3(l %.2, l $.Lstring.2)
	ret 0
data $f = align 8 { z 8 }
data $p = align 8 { z 8 }

Generating this assembler:

.balign 1
	.ascii "hello\012\000"
/* end data */

.balign 4
.globl _main
	stp	x29, x30, [sp, -16]!
	mov	x29, sp
	adrp	x1, _p@page
	add	x1, x1, _p@pageoff
	adrp	x0, _fprintf@gotpage
	ldr	x0, [x0, _fprintf@gotpageoff]
	str	x0, [x1]
	adrp	x0, ___stdoutp@gotpage
	ldr	x0, [x0, ___stdoutp@gotpageoff]
	ldr	x0, [x0]
	adrp	x1, _f@page
	add	x1, x1, _f@pageoff
	str	x0, [x1]
	adrp	x1, _p@page
	add	x1, x1, _p@pageoff
	ldr	x2, [x1]
	adrp	x1, _.Lstring.2@page
	add	x1, x1, _.Lstring.2@pageoff
	blr	x2
	mov	w0, #0
	ldp	x29, x30, [sp], 16
/* end function main */

.balign 8
	.fill 8,1,0
/* end data */

.balign 8
	.fill 8,1,0
/* end data */

Thus we can call pointers to building functions, in 
this case fprintf, without linker errors.
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