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running tests manually with qbe-1.1

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I am getting a lot of error message when running tests manually:

# ./qbe -t rv64 test/sum.ssa
qbe:test/sum.ssa:10: invalid instruction

        %c =w cslew %n1, 0

but it is not consistent to cslew

# ./qbe -t rv64 test/_fix3.ssa
qbe:test/_fix3.ssa:11: invalid instruction

function w $test() {
         %x =w copy 100
         %s =w copy 0
         %c =w cslew %x, 10 <-- passes
         jnz %c, @a, @b
         %s =w add %s, %x
         %x =w sub %x, 1
         jmp @c    <-- line 11

I do not have issues with the same environment on qbe-1.0

# ./qbe -t rv64 test/sum.ssa
.globl sum
	sd fp, -16(sp)
	sd ra, -8(sp)
	add fp, sp, -16
	add sp, sp, -16
	li t0, 0

I am not able to run the tools/test.sh script because I am in a 
completely different environment than expected

# uname -a
Minix 3 1.6 i686
# pcc -v
Portable C Compiler 1.2.0.DEVEL 20190328 for i686-pc-minix3

Is there a reason some of these tests would fail for qbe-1.1 when run 
manually but succeed in qbe-1.0?

Thank you,

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My fault.  I realized it was the lexical parser issue that I had fixed 
to get qbe-1.0 to work on Minix 3.1.6.

All is good, sorry for the noise.

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One thing though, I highly recommend you use the
master branch for your work. It's got important
bug fixes over 1.1.
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