febug v1.0.0 released

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Source (signed, same as this mail), manuals, rustdoc,
crate, hatchling source and built tarballs for febug v1.0.0,
alongside the full changelog, can be obtained from

1.0.0+dfsg-1 packages have been published for bookworm and sid
amd64, x32, and i386, cf. https://debian.nabijaczleweli.xyz/README

The pkgsrc 1.0.0nb1 source package is available as usual from

libfebug.rs 1.0.0 has been published on crates.io as usual as "febug":

The highlights of this release include the new libfebug.py port,
which is freshly available on PyPi as "febug" under

As well as API breakage of libfebug.rs' febug::FORMATTERS:
  febug::FORMATTERS.lock().insert(TypeId::of::<String>(), ...
needs to become
  febug::FORMATTERS.lock().insert(TypeId::of::<String>().into(), ...
 the key is now enum febug::Type(u64), which is From<TypeId> (as above),
  and From<u64> (this makes custom type registrations viable).
This was required to support Rust ≥1.72; 
cf. https://101010.pl/@nabijaczleweli/111474899766816762 for more on this.

The build.rs now correctly processes $FEBUG_SIGNUM to override the default.

All libfebugs' global sockets are opened O_CLOEXEC.

The libfebug and libfebug++ public headers should now be -pedantic-clean.
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