klapki v0.2.1 released

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Full changelog, pre-built binary for sid amd64,
manual, and source tarball can be obtained from

0.2.1-1[~bpo11] packages have been published for bullseye and sid
amd64 and i386, cf. https://debian.nabijaczleweli.xyz/README
(no x32: https://twitter.com/nabijaczleweli/status/1586453410542395392).

This is exclusively a no-code-change maintenance release,
fixing documentation (with a patch from Grzegorz Szymaszek, thanks!)
and compatibility with recent libstdc++
(this also means catch2 and libfmt are unvendored system dependencies).

If your Catch2 distribution includes an equivalent to Debian's
-lCatch2WithMain, you can shave a good 13s off a full-with-tests build,
however — cf. https://git.sr.ht/~nabijaczleweli/klapki.deb/tree/debian/0.2.1-1/item/debian/patches/0001-Use-lCatch2WithMain-instead-of-building-test-main.cp.patch
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