ratrun 0c released

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Pre-rendered manuals, source tarball, and detailed changelog
can be obtained from

0c-1 packages have been published for all codenames,
cf. https://debian.nabijaczleweli.xyz/README

The highlights of this release include
>20% speedups when sending multiple events¹,
rat correctly locking and respecting ^D interactively,
and many simplified implementation details.

THere are two significant changes that otherwise bear repeating:
  * events that don't start with a line are ignored,
    instead of their entirety being used as the date;
    realistically, this means that empty files are ignored
    instead of being equivalent to files consisting of an empty line
    (which is equivalent to "midnight today" under coreutils date)
    and if you generated events that consisted of only a date that
    didn't end with a new-line (i.e. wasn't a line,
    which was forbidden by the manual but erroneously accepted)
    those events will now be ignored.
    Given that this is much harder to do than Not doing that,
    and you had to go out of your way to make these,
    you are likely not affected, if you worry that you are,
    wc -l ~/.ratrun/* will yield 0s for the ignored files
  * expired events are moved to:
      ~/.ratrun/old/event-{event date verbatim}
    as previously, but if they both exist, the new
      ~/.ratrun/old/event-{event date in date -Iminutes}
    format is used (this matches the rat allocation strategy);
    this means that you can
      echo 12:00 > ~/.ratrun/event
    daily and you'll have a log of all the events;
    as an example, assuming you did this every day starting today,
    the above will end up in:

¹ At kiloevent scale without running mail(1);
  an event takes 5ms to send, so you'll likely never observe this,
  esp. given that this time will then be swamped by mail(1); cf.
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