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Hi, hope you're more accustomed to your new job. I'm short of time, I
guess you're too, so I'll keep this short.

Major changes I've made to my fork of McRoss:
* tabs
* 1x status codes (input)

Still, though, with all these changes made, I thought it would be better
for the community if my changes were pushed upstream on PyPI. Right now
in my documentation only the `poetry install` installation method is
provided. This distribution hell can be escaped with the following three
(3) ways:

* I become a collaborator of McRoss on PyPI (I am fakefred on PyPI)
* I package new releases into wheels and tarballs and make them
available on my HTTP server (stuff like
* I rename my fork "picross" which means a sort of puzzle involving
arranging pixels into a picture

I wonder what your longterm plan for McRoss is, and I sure hope McRoss
hasn't faded into obscurity yet. I kinda ate my words about not taking
ownership of the project, but it would definitely be better for the users.

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