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I've forked McRoss (my favorite gemini browser so far) and started to
apply my own preferences to the codebase, including the patches that
were never merged and a few nuanced adjustments I don't feel is
necessary or mature enough for the public. Those include:

* 0d513e1 (HEAD -> master, origin/master, origin/HEAD) Enlarge window size
* abcad1f Custom homepage
* f888353 Fork: personal flavor version
* 61d0d7c Post-clone meta fixes
* 2280053 Support alt text for preformatted text
* a711c3f Download binary files

2280053 and a711c3f are the unmerged patches I'm talking about.
Seriously, check out the binary files one. It's my favorite thing about

I hereby announce that I will be:

- continuing my development;
- accepting community contributions to my fork;
- sending patches, if I think the changes are good enough;
- merging from mainstream (~nhanb/mcross) to keep up to date.

and that I will *not* be:

- trying to take over mainstream as the canonical McRoss;
- asking solderpunk to change the URL McRoss links to on the Gemini
software page;
- occupy "mcross" on the PyPI namespace.

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