Wyvern 1.4 Released

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I'm happy to announce that wyvern v1.4.0 has now officially been released and published to crates.io. The
new feature list is admittedly a little bit sparse, but it's a big one:

- Interactive login
I've been working on this for quite a while, and now it's finally here! You can
now pick between logging in by pasting in a code from the oauth page, or by just
entering your username and password in the CLI.

- Extra options for the extras subcommand

I'd also like to mention a few newish places wyvern is available for more
platforms while I'm here:

- As a snap on snapcraft.io

- An ARM build for raspberry pis is now automatically compiled and hosted on my
website at https://nicohman.demenses.net/downloads, requested by Sigboe for his
galaxy-pie project, which you can check out here:

- As an OpenSuse package, packaged by Steve Ryan(thanks!)

Hope that you enjoy the new version! As always, please report any bugs or
feature requests you might have to the tracker at
https://todo.sr.ht/~nicohman/wyvern, and send any questions or patches you want
to contribute to this mailing list.
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