Issues with macOS, vterm, TRAMP and Evil

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Hi again,

I'm revisiting this package after your fantastic EmacsConf talk, hoping to build a TRAMP workflow with easy detaching and attaching to long-running commands and so persisting them across SSH sessions. As far as I can tell, detached.el has all the necessary pieces!

I'm running into a few issues however and was hoping you could help me out.

1. (locally on macOS) `detached-vterm-send-input` fails. Assuming I want to execute and detach from, say, `ping www.google.com`, detached generates the command
`dtach -c /Users/foo/.emacs.d/.local/cache/detached/sessions/f48b1f09ca2ed62e1d1ef95ae7babf02.socket -z /bin/zsh -c \{\ /bin/zsh\ -c\ if\\\ TERM\\\=eterm-color\\\ script\\\ -F\\\ -q\\\ /dev/null\\\ \\\;\\\ then\\\ true\\\;\\\ else\\\ echo\\\ \\\"\\\[detached-exit-code\\\:\\\ \\\$\\\?\\\]\\\"\\\;\\\ fi\;\ \}\ 2\>\&1\ \|\ tee\ /Users/foo/.emacs.d/.local/cache/detached/sessions/f48b1f09ca2ed62e1d1ef95ae7babf02.log`
and kicks off an odd, misbehaving zsh session which mixes up typed characters and suggestions for completion. I notice the command doesn't actually include `ping www.google.com` and wonder why that is?

2. (remotely on Ubuntu over TRAMP) I'm having issues with `detached-terminal-data-command`. It is set to `'darwin` on my local machine but I have the following in my config to override it to `'gnu/linux` over TRAMP:
   '((detached-shell-program . "/bin/bash")
     (detached-terminal-data-command . 'gnu/linux)))

   '(:application tramp :protocol "ssh") 'remote-detached)
Nevertheless I get the error
`detached--get-terminal-data-command: Unable to determine script command, set ‘detached-terminal-data-command’ properly`

3) Finally, `detached-list-mode-map` is overwritten by Evil mode so none of the bindings really work. Users can easily override this but thought I'd alert you to it if you weren't already aware.

Thank you for your time and ongoing work on this package, I can see it becoming a trusted tool! :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,
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