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Sorry, I have not implemented the new settings yet due to a bunch of 
things happening in my life right now. I'll try to remember to get back 
to it some time soon -- which I think shouldn't be too far away...

In the mean time, if you are willing to take a shot at this, I am always 
open to a pull request / patches via email.


On 3/12/23 16:16, Elijah T. Lang wrote:
> Hey Peter, we appreciate how much work you do for Shelter! So I hate to 
> ask this, but would it be feasible to release an update soon, even if 
> the only change is to allow Connected Apps? Just having this one setting 
> not be disabled would be a huge quality of life improvement for myself, 
> and I’m sure many others. We’re beholden to your convenience, though, 
> since your signing key is required in order to push this update; even if 
> I forked Shelter to implement the change myself, I couldn’t install it 
> without losing ALL of my current work profile setup and appdata. Would 
> it be at all possible to push this one setting update?
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