Uninstalled the app, but work profile is still there

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I accidentally (honestly, it was my fault), I uninstalled Scoop without 
disabling the work profile or so before. Interestingly, I remember 
scoop once registered as a system administrator to prevent that exact 
thing from happening – but, maybe as it did not do that (apparently) 
now in a more recent Android version, I thought Android would maybe do 
that automatically once you uninstall the app.

When trying to install and enable Scoop again it also fails. It shows 
the unspecific error that the work profile could not be setup.

I also found no system setting to disable the work profile.
What can I do now?

## System

Device: Fairphone 4 (FP4)
OS: Android 13, CalyxOS 4.4.1
source: F-Droid
version: v. 1.8
Build-ID: `TQ1A.221205.011.22404010`
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