Regarding the upcoming license change of Shelter

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Dear all,

I am writing to announce that I will be changing the license under which 
Shelter is released in the upcoming Shelter release. To avoid any 
possible issues, I am announcing details of this change in advance:

1. The licensing change will be applied to the source code except the 
string resources (i.e. translations).
2. After the next Shelter release, the main portion of the source code 
will be licensed under GNU GPL v3 or later.
3. The translations will remain under the original license.

The rationale behind this license change is to avoid potential legal 
issues given that Shelter has been seeing an increase in new users 
recently. The terms of WTFPL is too loose for a project of any size. Of 
course, all versions before the upcoming release will remain under the 
old WTFPL license.

If your project depends on code from Shelter, I am open to negotiating 
exceptions to ensure that this transition can be as smooth as possible.

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