[Announcement] Translation UI (Weblate) for Shelter

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As we have recently moved to self-hosted Git server for managing the
repository, I have come to the realization that translating Shelter
has become harder because it is much less convenient to send updates
to XML language resource files via email compared to sending a GitHub
pull request, as many translators may not be developers themselves.
This has probably resulted in Shelter's i18n support being basically

To resolve this issue, I have set up a Weblate instance where
translators can submit translation suggestions directly via a web UI:
https://weblate.typeblog.net/projects/shelter/shelter/. New
untranslated text will be synchronized to Weblate automatically and
updated translations will also be pushed to the Shelter repository
automatically once a day.

Please feel free to check the site to see if you can help improve
translations in your native language or any language that you know.
You can also start translation into a new language if you hope so.

Peter Cai.
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