On recent reports about Shelter being classified as "virus" or "malicious"

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I have been bombarded recently with email inquiries about Shelter being 
reported as virus or malicious software, predominantly by Huawei's 
anti-virus system, and Norton. I am hereby writing to clarify that:

1. Shelter is NOT virus or malicious software
2. Shelter is fully Free and Open Source software, and will remain so 
3. As a result of (2), if you have any doubt about Shelter's behavior, 
please verify the source code of Shelter yourself. Alternatively, you 
can also use the build from F-Droid, which is guarateed to be 
reproducible from the same source code tarball downloaded from F-Droid.
4. (Disclaimer: this is purely personal opinion and not proven to be 
  I shall not be held responsible for any consequence of either following 
or not following my opinion.) Personally, I do NOT recommend using any 
sort of "anti-virus" software on your mobile phone or even your PC, 
especially if you are privacy-sensitive. Such pieces of software are 
often completely proprietary and make active use of some known exploits 
of the system to gain privilege in order to perform their "security 
measures", which adds a tremendous attack surface, even if these 
software themselves are not trying to compromise your privacy. They are 
FAR from a wise choice from a security perspective.

This acts as a catch-all response to all inquiries about Shelter's 
potential "maliciousness". You will NOT receive a separate response if 
you send me a new individual inquiry.

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