[Announcement] Shelter's custom F-Droid repo, and development preview of Shelter 1.7

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Dear all,

Hope this email finds you well. I am aware that the project has been 
dormant for quite some time, and a lot of you have been asking about the 
state of the project. Rest assured that Shelter as a project will 
continue, and I am writing to share with you some updates about the 

First of all, I would like to announce that Shelter now has a custom 
F-Droid repository, available at <https://fdroid.typeblog.net>. Shelter 
APKs downloaded from this repository is built and signed by me, and will 
be updated much faster than the version on the official F-Droid 

The custom F-Droid repository was created mostly to allow users of the 
Google Play version of Shelter to switch away from Google Play without 
having to re-install Shelter. Such a need has been growing since Shelter 
1.6, where we implemented File Shuttle support for Android 11+ but only 
available on non-Google Play channels. From now on, you can access the 
full version of Shelter signed with my signature via the custom F-Droid 

This also means that it is now much easier for me to release development 
versions of Shelter. Right now, the development preview of Shelter 1.7 
has already been released on my custom F-Droid repository. You can 
access the development version by manually selecting the latest 
development version to install in the F-Droid app, after adding my 
custom F-Droid repository. Please note that the development version is 
not what F-Droid installs by default, so you have to choose the version 
manually in the "Versions" section.

Shelter 1.7 will be mainly about improving user experience and 
refactoring old code. At this moment, the biggest update is the complete 
revamp of the initial setup process. Instead of one big dialog with 
several paragraphs of warning, Shelter now guides the user through the 
setup process with a friendlier setup wizard. This allows a much better 
description of how Shelter works and what to be aware of, which 
hopefully will be less confusing than the previous setup dialog. In 
addition, it is now made very obvious through the setup wizard that the 
user needs to click on an notification to finish the setup process.

The revamp means that we now need i18n translation for all of the new 
text in the setup wizard. The new setup wizard in the current 
development version is only available in English for now. If possible, 
please try out the new version, including the new setup wizard, and feel 
free to contribute translation to your language via the Weblate 

The development of the 1.7 version is not yet complete. There is still a 
lot of code to refactor, and a lot of UX to improve. I am not yet sure 
what exactly will end up in the 1.7 release cycle. My pending tasks also 
include a revamp of the README document and the F-Droid description page 
of Shelter to make them clearer, and I will possibly also make a website 
dedicated to Shelter.

I would like to express my thankfulness again to all of you for your 
continued support. Shelter would not become what it is today without 

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