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Shared list / tracker appears multiple times on landing page activity summary 4 months ago

From Phil Ashby to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

Hi all,

Probably not a bug, but it looks odd: I share both a mailing list & todo 
tracker across a number of projects / repos as I don't expect to get a 
lot of feedback and don't wish to manage many channels. When I look at 
my project landing page (https://sr.ht/~phlash/) I see items from the 
list and tracker appearing multiple times in the activity area, once per 
connected project. Given it's possible to share a list or tracker (ie: I 
don't think I'm doing it wrong), could / should the activity area be 
filtered to avoid the duplication?


Hello! 5 months ago

From Phil Ashby to ~phlash/general

This is a general feedback mailing list for all the stuff I do on 
Sourcehut. Feel free to ask random questions, or point out stupid things 
that aren't suitable to be reported as an obvious bug..

If you do find a bug in something and would like to fix it.. many 
projects have their own tracker for that, but ask here if you're not sure :)

Cheers, and please respect the hut!

Support for rel=me in profile links? 6 months ago

From Phil Ashby to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-dev

Hi all,

I'd like to be able to mark links other than the 'URL' attribute in my 
Sourcehut profile with a 'rel=me' attribute to provide identity 
consolidation across various social media (Mastodon initially).

Right now, I can add the attribute to a link but it gets removed in the 
display version and fixed values of 'nofollow noopener' appear (it 
remains in the editable text). What do y'all think of extending this 
attribute to links in the profile body?


Re: Recommended TOTP application is unmaintained 8 months ago

From Phil Ashby to ~sircmpwn/sr.ht-discuss

On 08/08/2023 21:28, Sebastian LaVine wrote:
 > ..
 > Are there any suggestions for an alternative app to use?
 > ..

I'm currently using FreeOTP, which seems to be decent and maintained:

Of course if you have objections to anything RedHat related..ymmv.