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Dear Emacs developers,

I just released version of Compat. This is a major release
which adds some Emacs 29 APIs, which coincides with the freeze of the
emacs-29 branch today. Nevertheless, extra care should be taken when
new APIs are used.

Furthermore another important change of the Compat API has been made
in this release. Instead of prefixed `compat-*' functions we provide
two macros `compat-call' and `compat-function' which can be used to
call compatibility functions. These macros must be used when calling a
compatibility function, which is provided as an alternative to an
already existing Emacs function, for example when the calling
convention changed. For example `assoc' can be called with a TESTFN
since Emacs 29. In Emacs 28 and older the calling convention was
(assoc KEY ALIST). In order to use the new calling convention you
can use (compat-call assoc KEY ALIST TESTFN).

See the NEWS.org file for further details. Please let me know if you
have questions or improvement proposals.

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