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I released version of Compat, the Elisp compatibility library.

This minor release adds a few new definitions:

- set-transient-map with optional arguments (extended definition)
- make-temp-file with optional arguments (extended definition)
- funcall-with-delayed-message and with-delayed-message
- ert-with-temp-file and ert-with-temp-directory

Furthermore the "Limitations" section of the manual has been extended to
clarify the scope of the library. The scope is intentionally narrow to
ensure long time maintainability of the library and to prevent the
library from growing too large. Feedback on the limitations are welcome.
We can always relax the criteria in exceptional cases or even in general
if it turns out to be necessary.

See the NEWS file for further details regarding this release. Please let
me know if you have questions or improvement proposals.

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