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[PATCH] Fix the build with wlroots 0.13 2 years ago

From Michael Weiss to ~sircmpwn/wio

Based on https://github.com/swaywm/wlroots/releases/tag/0.13.0.
wlr-layer-shell-unstable-v1.xml is copied from wlroots 0.13 for the
changed type of keyboard_interactivity.

Relevant wlroots changes:
- Stop using wl_shm_format (#2744): the renderer functions take
  DRM_FORMAT_* values instead of WL_SHM_FORMAT_*. Make sure you don't
  have any remaining WL_SHM_FORMAT_* enum values in your compositor.
- Remove wlr_create_renderer_func_t (#2561)
  - wlr_backend_autocreate, wlr_drm_backend_create,
    wlr_headless_backend_create, wlr_wl_backend_create,
    wlr_x11_backend_create no longer take a wlr_renderer_create_func_t
- Keyboard interactivity options (#2555):
[message trimmed]

Status of wio? (build broken with wlroots 0.13) 2 years ago

From Michael Weiss to ~sircmpwn/wio

Quick question: What is the current maintenance status of wio?
Is it inactive/abandoned or is compatibility with stable releases of
wlroots still a goal?
(No offence intended, just to make the current status clear.)

I'm asking because wio doesn't build with wlroots 0.13 due to breaking
changes but the relevant patches where already posted by Robert Miller
one month ago. It's possible/likely that the patches where ignored
because they don't state any motivation/reasoning so from the commit
message alone their purpose is unclear (which is why I've independently
wrote a patch to fix the build with wlroots 0.13 before I realized that
the relevant patches are basically already on the list - I'll also post
my patch for reference / as an alternative).

Re: New signature notation? (currently proof@metacode.biz) 2 years ago

From Michael Weiss to ~yarmo/keyoxide-devel

On Thu, 06 May, 2021 at 09:11:41 +0200, Wiktor Kwapisiewicz wrote:
> I've designed the original `proof@metacode.biz` notation.

Thanks for designing all of this btw! :)

> The domain part was always problematic, everyone wanted their own domain
> in there (gee, I really need to update the homepage :-/ ) 🤷

I wasn't aware of that part (everyone wanting their own domain).
I'm also not sure how this went from
https://github.com/wiktor-k/openpgp-proofs to Keyoxide (if Keyoxide is
considered the official successor or if it's more like an "alternative"
implementation based on your design/notation).

New signature notation? (currently proof@metacode.biz) 2 years ago

From Michael Weiss to ~yarmo/keyoxide-devel

Hi list,

if I may ask: Are there any plans to eventually replace
proof@metacode.biz with something like proof@keyoxide.org?

When I first looked into Keyoxide I was pretty irritated by this
(wondering where metacode.biz comes from and a .biz domain gave me the
wrong impression). Now I have more context on this and it seems like
there are more pressing issues but IMO it would still make sense to
eventually replace the domain (hopefully it wouldn't require much more
effort than extending the code a bit to accept both the old and the new
notation and update the documentation to only refer to the new

Re: [PATCH] libaom: 2.0.0 -> 2.0.1 3 years ago

From Michael Weiss to ~andir/nixpkgs-dev

On Sat, 06 Feb, 2021 at 12:17:53 +0100, Matthias Beyer wrote:
> On 03-02-2021 19:22:41, andi@srht.l.notmuch.email wrote:
> > I would love to run this ML on a domain that we control so we can move from
> > sr.ht to self-hosted etc.. as we need to. Right now we are tied to this
> > platform (again) due to the fact that I just wanted to play around with this
> > idea.

I agree with both of you. IMO:
- Something like nixpkgs-dev@lists.nixos.org would be nice to have at
  some point / when there are enough users (it would make this list
  official and we'd have full control over the hosting if we need to;
  also: we wouldn't have to host the list and lists.sr.ht might even
  support this in the future [0]).
- But it isn't important right now and switching to a different list

Re: [PATCH] libaom: 2.0.0 -> 2.0.1 3 years ago

From Michael Weiss to ~andir/nixpkgs-dev

On Wed, 03 Feb, 2021 at 14:35:49 +0100, andi@srht.l.notmuch.email wrote:
> Thanks for helping out with reviews! <3

No problem ;)
But unfortunately I'm already pretty busy with other stuff so I'm not
subscribed and can only handle patches where I'm cc'ed as maintainer :o
But I already knew about this ML and really like the idea :)

> Usually, at least last time this was discussed[0], the preferred way of
> handling these patches is to open a PR to allow other maintainers to
> comment on the patches. I am not happy with that situation as that
> essentially multiplies but freedom has never been for free (and not
> wanting to use GitHub is a value that I support).

Re: [PATCH] libaom: 2.0.0 -> 2.0.1 3 years ago

From Michael Weiss to ~andir/nixpkgs-dev

LGTM, thanks!

To github.com:NixOS/nixpkgs.git
   8ab0b85eade..33b610fa098  HEAD -> staging