Re: Linking bibliographies with the Citar-Denote package

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Saša Janiška <sjaniska@atmarama.net> writes:

> I see in the README: "Please note that the Citar-Denote package only
> works with Org Mode Denotes files." so I wonder if there is plan to
> provide support Markdown files since, afaict, Citar does support them,
> or should we consider to use Org-mode in Denote?

Hi Saša,

Peter's code is clean and the package is crafted to allow for easy
changes.  You can try this one-line change -- diff in the body of the
email below.  It is just to change function 'citar-denote--create-note'.

If you make sure the following, Citar-Denote should work for your
markdown files (it did for me for my markdown-yaml):

1. Configure user option 'denote-file-type' to markdown ('markdown-yaml
   or 'markdown--toml)

2. Have a tag appear as part of the file name (Citar-Denote adds "bib"
   and it searches for "_bib" in file names)

One notes:

A) When you create a note, Citar-Denote adds "#+reference:  <cite-key>"
   around line 10 of your markdown file.  Keep it as it is.  This is
   Citar-Denote searches for the string with regexp.

Perhaps this something you could have a suggestion for change and
contribute to Peter's efforts (if he is happy to accept a PR)?

@@ -78,7 +78,7 @@

 (defun citar-denote--create-note (key &optional entry)
   "Create a bibliography note for `KEY' with properties `ENTRY'."
-  (let ((denote-file-type nil)) ; make sure it is Org
+  (let ((denote-file-type denote-file-type)) ; make sure it is Org
      ;;(citar-get-value "title" key)
      (read-string "Title: " (citar-get-value "title" key))
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