[Dhavan Vaidya] Re: `olivetti-fringe` color support

Dhavan Vaidya <dhavan@codingquark.com>
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> Hello Dhavan,
>> From: Dhavan Vaidya <dhavan@codingquark.com>
>> Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2023 12:45:43 +0530
>> olivetti-mode supports `olivetti-style` option now.
>> https://github.com/rnkn/olivetti#features
>> It has multiple options, and by default inherits from fringe color. It
>> also supports `olivetti-fringe` color.
>> Perhaps modus-themes can add some support for the option, if it the
>> right place is indeed the theme code?
> I think the status quo is fine, because the default fringe has a grey
> background. Though I may be missing something. What colour would you use
> in this case?

Interestingly, setting `olivetti-style` to `fancy` does not “extend” the
grey fringes (with operandi and vivendi). In other built-in themes, for
example wombat, the fringes extend. This is tough to explain in words,
but screenshots should help: https://imgur.com/a/JTEBWDF

The screenshots were taken by starting emacs with `emacs -Q` and
executing `eval-buffer` on `olivetti.el`, emacs version 29.1. The white
theme is modus, dark is wombat.

Am I missing something? I expect the grey colour to extend inward
towards the body width set in olivetti mode (at least with the option
set to fancy). I had tested this with olivetti’s author (rnkn) earlier,
and he could replicate it too.

- Dhavan
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