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[PATCH offpunk] implement set cache directory 4 months ago

From prx to ~lioploum/offpunk-devel

find below a patch which let user set a custom chache folder.

Environment variable OFFPUNK_CACHE_PATH is used.
This way, it can be set globally in a profile, or occasionnaly before running offpunk.
It also avoid the pain to parse options and dealing with flags in scripts.
Thank you for your attention.



 man/netcache.1 | 9 +++++++++
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FridayRockMetal playlist 5 months ago

From prx to ~fredg/public-inbox

Stupid idea : have you ever considered creating playlists for your FridayRockMetal ?

It's fun to see that with mpv + yt-dlp, this work: ''mpv frm-231215.m3u''


#EXTINF:1,Takida - Third Strike

#EXTINF:1,Sebastian Bach – What Do I Got To Lose?

Système dns 7 months ago

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systemd is hell, death of the unix plilosophy?

FridayRockMetal 8 months ago

From prx to ~fredg/public-inbox

Every week I'm expecting this.
Thank you again for sharing :)

Friday Rock Metal 1 year, 6 months ago

From prx to ~fredg/public-inbox

Merci !!!
Je découvre des choses, ça fait du bien! 
N'hésite pas à continuer de publier tes morceaux :)

switch to ATOM 2 years ago

From prx to ~tdarb/shinobi-script


I have noticed the description is escaped with sed to avoid errors in
case some html-reserved characters are present in the post.  However,
shinobi script let one write plain text.  It's a pity it has to be
converted in html then, wrapped in <pre> AND CDATA tags.

That's why I would suggest to switch to ATOM feed.

=> Atom feed specs

Content and description can be plain text since atom let one specify
type "text".  That means you only need CDATA and the whole plain text is
correctly rendered.  You still have to escape CDATA ending "]]>", but