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Dear list,

We now have an ERIS server that we consider "industrial-grade" and ready to use. It supports
CoAP/CoAP+TCP[0] as well as well as fetching blocks and URN decoding over HTTP[1].

The server is written in conservative Go and is available here: https://codeberg.org/eris/eris-go
We have a package available in Nixpkgs and in our ERIS flake we have NixOS module for hosting the

Any effort in packaging for other distributions is appreciated.

The server uses a simple LMDB-like database to store blocks. It also supports storing and retrieving
blocks over CoAP connections and can act as a proxy in this regard. Experience in using the server in
a meshed mode is limited, and we welcome a discussion on how to efficiently cache and replicate
across servers.

Hail Eris,

0: https://eris.codeberg.page/eer/coap.xml
1: https://eris.codeberg.page/eer/http.xml
2: https://codeberg.org/eris/nix-eris
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