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Dear list,

I have made a proposal for encoding ERIS read capabilities in small files that are easily
stored on a file-system or exchanged across email or chat messaging channels[0]. The intention
is to create a format that is easy to handle with typical "user-level" software and should
be designed for a plurality of integrations, free-software or otherwise.

There is a working prototype in the Nim implemention of ERIS[1] that supports creation of
link files[2] as well as opening [3] files as HTTP streams in locally configured applications.

If there are any comments or suggestions please let them be known on the EER issue tracker.

Hail Eris,

0: https://codeberg.org/eris/eer/pulls/15
1: https://codeberg.org/eris/nim-eris
2: https://codeberg.org/eris/nim-eris/src/branch/trunk/src/eris/eriscmd/erislink.nim
3: https://codeberg.org/eris/nim-eris/src/branch/trunk/src/eris/eriscmd/erisopen.nim
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