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Re: Various questions/feature requests 2 months ago

From to ~chrisppy/beagles-discuss

On Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 05:00:13PM -0400, Chris Palmer wrote:
> Thanks for your feedback, I have added multiple todo items to the backlog
> and which release they will be included with, please review them and let
> me know if I missed anything.  Also I did move this item to the proper
> mailing list and deleted the other thread.
> Thanks,
> Chris

Thanks a lot for the speed! Nothing missing, except maybe the search ticket not
mentioning feed search vs article search (I have something like 230 feeds and
I'm probably a lightweight so it's probably useful).

Various questions/feature requests 2 months ago

From to ~chrisppy/beagles-discuss


I'm trying to stop using the very bloated (Rust, C++ and Ruby deps) Newsboat
and found your nice project; Go isn't too bothersome to me, I'll need it for
OpenDiablo2 and maybe aerc anyway.

Just trying it rapidly, I noticed those missing:
* socks5 HTTP(S) proxy; maybe whatever Go uses to fetch already read the
  http_proxy/https_proxy environement variable?
* Together with this, a way to turn off the proxy for certain feeds as
  some are behind the great Cloudflare wall.
* file:// protocol support; very important for me, I have some tools
  (https://git.sr.ht/~q3cpma/mangadex-tools & https://git.sr.ht/~q3cpma/haggle)
  that create local feeds so I can centralize notifications in my feed reader.