Record of the Voice-Chat Meeting from Monday, 30 March 2020, 16:00 UTC

Mathias Jud
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INFO: The Voice-Chat Meeting has been moved to a new time:
Mondays, 16:00 UTC

Here the collaborative record of the voice-chat meeting: Monday, 6 March
2020, 16:00 UTC


Mathias, Katharina, Nora, Jess


Alpha Version

General overview: The Alexandria-library storage now takes care of all
the storage we need in qaul.net.
This means all the storage will be stored encrypted. The keys we use in
libqaul and Ratman can be used for the storage too. The blocker bug on
Alexandria has been fixed.

List of priorities to get the Alpha version out the door

1) Have a fully working messenger stack with WebGui
  * trace the messages through the stack and find the errors
  * known bugs
    * netmod udp packets are not sent
2) File sharing
  * it comes with the rewrite of Alexandria, as one can then safe meta
data with
  * Alexandria should be able to handle that very soon
3) VoIP
  * Jess wrote a first working version
  * there shall be a test application for this
4) Integrate everything into an App

* Tasks on People
  * Mathias: get the GUI workflow ironed out for the messenger, build
out the stack
  * Nora: Working on the netmod-overlay and the linux daemon
  * Katharina: Getting alexandria done which will unblock most libqaul
  * Jess: build a demo with the current voice stack on Linux and Android
    * We can look at SIP implementations later down the line
    * A simple voice service might be enough for the Alpha.

**API Communication**

* **http-server**: better logging/ docs. Maybe have a set of examples
for what json to send/ what will be responded.
* We'll create a test directory in the repository for the test scripts.


* We will advertise work that has to be done more (good first issues),
list on the web page.
* Create a priority list for the alpha
* Linux version: Gtk webview to show the UI? -> yes
* Encryption in Ratman:
  * give it access to the private keys via a future that then decrypts
the payload
  * Move the cryptopart of libqaul to ratman.
* Room ID race condition:
  * Solutions / Ideas:
    * prioritize automatically one ID over the other.
    * have a handshake to determine which method to use, then "compute"
valid room ID and drop the old.

**Next Meeting**

We are having the next meeting next **Monday**, 6 April 2020, 16:00 UTC
(**New time!**) at https://meet.jit.si/qaul.net

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