Meeting Today (9 March 2020) / Progress

Leonora Tindall
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I just wanted to give a quick update on the status of qauld. After doing 
some design work and (not very successful) prototyping, I currently have 
a pretty good idea of how it will be set up for actual use with clients, 
and how I want a basic proof of concept chat client to look.

The `qauld` daemon itself will use a UDP netmod bound to the localhost 
address for clients to communicate with. These clients can then take 
advantage of any connections `qauld` makes to other nodes.

A few challenges remain. First, the `subscribe` method needs 
implemented, which I'm currently working on (in a branch isolated from 
the `store` changes, which aren't working right now.) Second, the RPC 
bindings aren't there yet. That's okay for getting started, but once the 
basic auth/send/receive of messages are set up, that'll be the critical 

Now that librobot is building and can be run on Android, we can also 
consider what we want that syncronous interface to look like, and if we 
want to mirror it at all in the RPC interface.

Logistically, I'm currently stuck in transit. I'll be on the call if I 
can get cellular connectivity, but if not, I'll be in touch later and 
I'll look at the notes doc.

Many thanks,