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Hey there!

Thanks for your e-mail.  I've taken the liberty to Cc this reply onto
our public mailing list.  The contact@ account is meant for more
specific inqueries and security related concearns.

> Anyway, I would not want to focus on JS, since I think this is a
> golden opportunity to learn rust. Maybe I could help with newbie
> issues? I´ve seen a single "good first issue" and it´s related to tag
> cloud

Unfortunately our issue tracker suffers from the same problem as most
issue trackers: it's not very well maintained.  And maintaining it up to
this point has been extremely hard because our codebase was changing and
evolving so quickly.

Because this will only slow down a little we have suggested during our
weekly call to start maintaining a pad with ideas what to work on,
because it's faster to edit and update.

Off the top of my head there's a few things that come to mind that
people could work on that I will try to write down over the next week
(I'm having a "week off - as you can see - at the moment :P)

I think it would also be helpful to know what part of the stack you'd be
interested in working on: the routing, the network drivers, database
integration, utilities for working with sending and receiving
decentralised messages, or rpc protocol integrations (we currently only
have http, but we have the infrastructure to add others like unix sockets).

> Unfortunately, I missed today´s call, since I just read about your
> project on mastodon.

Well, feel free to come by next week :)

Hope I was able to help out with orientation and stuff!

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