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I wanted to give both of you a quick update about what's still to do for
our milestone at the end of the month.  If there's stuff you think you
can do until then, let me know.  Things marked with a "(!)" are making
me a bit anxious:

- Json RPC integration (I'm currently on that)
  - RPC structs and mapping to libqaul and services
  - Building the websocket server
  - Json compat layer (envelopes, etc)

- Filesharing service
  - Announce a file to the network
  - Get a list of "available" files
  - Send file requests for files not present yet

- Voice service (!)
  - Stream voice data in messages to a single person
  - Handle incoming voice streams
  - Provide function to accept/requect a call

- Signatures
  - Integrate the ed25519-dalet crate into libqaul
  - Generate key from Identity
  - Replace the "dummy" signature data with dalek signature

- Encryption (!)
  - ed25519 cryto ratchets depend on a layered symmetric cypher exchange
  - This is gonna be non-trivial to figure out so maybe we just use RSA
    keys for now.  We can replace these later.

- Android integration (!)
  - Make the gradle tasks build libqaul's Rust code
  - Write a small C++ wrapper in the android app to use libqaul
    - I would suggest just writing a Rust trampoline which get's exposed
      via C ffi bindings

- Android drivers (!)
  - Map the wifi-direct native API to the netmod-wd native exposed

And I think that's it.  After I'm done with the websocket stuff in a few
hours I'm gonna merge the async branch, then do:

1. signatures
2. filesharing
3. voices
4. Android integration
5. Android wifi-direct driver
6. Encryption

Let me know if you can tackle any of these.  Thanks!