Protocol: Voice-Chat Meeting, Monday 6 January 2020, 17:00 UTC

Mathias Jud
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Protocol of the Voice-Chat Meeting, Monday 6 January 2020, 17:00 UTC

Jess, Katharina, Math, PetaByteBoy


* Katharina & Math gave a Talk and held a workshop at the 36C3 and there
were good talks and contacts.
* In testing sessions many off the grid software was tested.
Unfortunately there was no existing project/software with a successful
bluetooth phone-to-phone interconnection possiblity found.

UDP User discover
* Only IPv4 broadcasts in the UDP-netmod at the moment
* IPv6  should be easy to implement
* At congress Wifi the UDP broadcasts were blocked
  * When udp broadcasts are blocked, zeroconf protocol will most probably
  * learned from testing other software: when displaying a QR code to
interconnect 2 devices, always present the connectivity possibilities
too. e.g. IP-address, wifi network, etc. to be able to find the other device

* Katherina would like to start with Wifi-Direct
* Maybe it's possible to have Wifi-Direct & be connected to another wifi
mesh network at the same time
  * There seems to be a possibility on some devices and some OS
* We are looking for good working examples of bluetooth apps for

* GUI: math want's to connect it to the JSON:API this week
* qaul-http binary not building at the moment. There is a branch
'bugfix/http-api-binary' at the git repository.

* Katherina want to build the qaul-lib async. this gives problems with C
bindings. There shall be 2 endpoints to deal with C.
  * Katharina will discuss this with Nora

License talk:
* Hearing back from the FSFE by next week to decide, what license
changes to make
* VLC was taken down from the app store by a contributor
  * https://www.zdnet.com/article/no-gpl-apps-for-apples-app-store/
* Decision shall be taken next week

* Please look at the branches that exist and if any of yours are
outdated, clean them up.

* GSoC submissions for projects are soon, so maybe think about what
projects we can offer
  * 14th of January is the deadline !
  * SOCKS proxy service
  * Pad link:

**Next Meeting**

We are having the next Meeting next **Monday**, 13 January 2020, 17:00
UTC at https://meet.jit.si/qaul.net
Topics & protocol can be written in the following CryptPad:
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