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Re: Fediverse? ( RSS ) a month ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project

> > I guess that link to area is link to manager? It will be solved as
> > soon as the manager is moved to new codebase for web clients. I will
> > prioritize this.
> If i understand right ( sorry if my use case is "noob" point of view
> ), you lock the area -> work -> done -> review ( all this should have
> and specific url bbox? ( coordinates )... The RSS could have that
> link? ... But i would wait for your idea and test it :-)

I think I should clarify/recapitulate the approach of the damn project a
little bit.

You specify _area_ to be mapped in the manager [1]. The RSS feeds [2]
track information about the particular area or all areas.

Re: Fediverse? ( RSS ) a month ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project

>      Hi again, i did some tests with RSS... Basically i think we need some
> kind of notifications to monitor ( areas, changes? )... Actually RSS work
> but don't give a lot of info[1][2] ( user, link to area?, changeset )

Thank you for testing. I have checked the RSS feeds with the validator
tool and fixed some settings, which hopefuly fixes the second figure.

I have updated "changed areas" RSS feed to include _changes_ to previous
versions of the area.

It is good idea to add links to RSS feeds of 3rd party tools that
monitor OpenStreetMap (like RSS of changesets for the area). I will do
that. Please, let me know if you have more of favorite tools it is
beneficial to link to.

Re: Fediverse? 2 months ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project

First of all, thank you for the ideas. These are things that keep me

Also, please note, that requests from mappers and communities have the
highest priority, but it is important to understand what they _really_

I will quickly summarize my understanding of the Fediverse, write note
about the relation to the damn project, and discuss the proposed ideas.

Fediverse, in my (short) opinion, is how content can be shared between
people using different servers. Like email.

There are two types of content created by using the damn project: areas

Re: Area lifecycle 4 months ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project

Short reminder that automated daily checks for abandoned areas start
this Saturday night.

I slightly changed the parameters [1]:

1. When the area has *zero* commits in last month (was less than 5
   commits), the priority of that area is set to -10. (This change adds
   one commit to the area.)

2. When the area has priority -10 and has zero commits in last month,
   the area is removed from the database, and available in read-only
   fashion [2].

The list of areas being affected:

Area lifecycle 4 months ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project

Dear mappers,

(or, more precisely, area managers, as this message discusses the
management of the areas.)

TL;DR Inactive areas will be read-only after two months. (The database
will be checked periodically, starting on January, 28 2023.)

We would like to automate certain parts of area's lifecycle [1].
Particularly, when the area is not mapped anymore, after one month, it
will be removed from the list of the active areas. When there is no
further activity in the consequent month, the area will be removed from
the database and accessible in read-only fashion [2].

Re: Fwd: Bare Messages 07 4 months ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

Please, keep the mailing list in CC.

> I cant figure out sourcehut to contribute the patch.
> I tried to create a contributor account but am not receiving any
> confirmation email.
> It says I dont have to create an account to contribute patch but
> doesnt say how to do it.

You need to install and set-up git send-email, see

When installed:

        git clone https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/baremessages.org

Re: Fwd: Bare Messages 07 4 months ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

> Is this going somewhere ?

Yes. I am going to resume the work on BARE soon. I am sorry it is not
yet happenning.

There are two steps I need to do now. First, Update BARE to 08, fixing
issue from [1].

Second, continue the publication process. I have outlined the directions
in may last "update on BARE" email [2]:

> The future steps are to write WG charter, form the WG, research this
> topic further, and do some conclusion from the WG.

Re: SQLite as DB alternative 5 months ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project

> I tried setting the priority to 0 but then the area wouldn't appear in
> the JOSM plugin after hitting "Get areas".

Please, use "Get working on" instead.

I will change "Get working on" in the future to show only areas without
limit. Now, it is squares of areas of the last week.