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Re: Area lifecycle a day ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project

Short reminder that automated daily checks for abandoned areas start
this Saturday night.

I slightly changed the parameters [1]:

1. When the area has *zero* commits in last month (was less than 5
   commits), the priority of that area is set to -10. (This change adds
   one commit to the area.)

2. When the area has priority -10 and has zero commits in last month,
   the area is removed from the database, and available in read-only
   fashion [2].

The list of areas being affected:

Area lifecycle 14 days ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project

Dear mappers,

(or, more precisely, area managers, as this message discusses the
management of the areas.)

TL;DR Inactive areas will be read-only after two months. (The database
will be checked periodically, starting on January, 28 2023.)

We would like to automate certain parts of area's lifecycle [1].
Particularly, when the area is not mapped anymore, after one month, it
will be removed from the list of the active areas. When there is no
further activity in the consequent month, the area will be removed from
the database and accessible in read-only fashion [2].

Re: Fwd: Bare Messages 07 22 days ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

Please, keep the mailing list in CC.

> I cant figure out sourcehut to contribute the patch.
> I tried to create a contributor account but am not receiving any
> confirmation email.
> It says I dont have to create an account to contribute patch but
> doesnt say how to do it.

You need to install and set-up git send-email, see

When installed:

        git clone https://git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/baremessages.org

Re: Fwd: Bare Messages 07 25 days ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

> Is this going somewhere ?

Yes. I am going to resume the work on BARE soon. I am sorry it is not
yet happenning.

There are two steps I need to do now. First, Update BARE to 08, fixing
issue from [1].

Second, continue the publication process. I have outlined the directions
in may last "update on BARE" email [2]:

> The future steps are to write WG charter, form the WG, research this
> topic further, and do some conclusion from the WG.

Re: SQLite as DB alternative a month ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project

> I tried setting the priority to 0 but then the area wouldn't appear in
> the JOSM plugin after hitting "Get areas".

Please, use "Get working on" instead.

I will change "Get working on" in the future to show only areas without
limit. Now, it is squares of areas of the last week.

Re: SQLite as DB alternative a month ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project

> For context, what prompted the email was that I'd like to use DAMN for
> small (1 person) tasks and but feel it's overkill to use your public
> instance.

Feel free to use it, if it is not a problem that you need to be online
to lock/unlock squares. You may set the priority to 0 to unlist the

> So I'd like to run DAMN on my desktop/laptop but I'm not too keen on
> having to setup Postgres+PostGIS (it's just overkill for this
> usecase).

You don't need to set up Postgres + PostGIS, if you can run docker and
docker-compose. I have updated the damn-deploy repository, so the

Re: SQLite as DB alternative a month ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project

Hello and sorry for late reply.

> When developing damn did you consider SQLite? If yes, why did you end
> up choosing Postgres?

First, the damn-server depends on PostGIS extension [1]. Second, it is
designed for greater loads because of mapathon use-case.

> If not, do you think deploying with SQLite instead of Postgres is
> feasible?

I do not think so. damn-server is "just API to the database" -- based on
requests over HTTP, damn-server decides which SQL query to run. A lot
can be done by just queries, see for example st_divide function [2] and

Re: BARE spec feedback a month ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~sircmpwn/public-inbox

Hi Frank,

many thanks for your feedback, it is greatly appreciated. I am sorry for
late reply. Also, I am CCing the list.

> ## Enum value uniqueness
> See: https://www.ietf.org/archive/id/draft-devault-bare-07.html#name-invariants
> The specification says:
> > Enums MUST have at least one named value, and each named value of an
> > enum MUST be unique.

Re: Area 2409 Done! 2 months ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project


> 1.- What happen with 100% done areas? I have to archive manually? Or some
> cron will do it eventually?

Yes, you need to archive them manually. The best way to do so is to set
the priority of the area to -10, and wait for 90 days. When the area has
the priority -10 and it is not updated for 90 days, it is moved to
read-only finished areas [1].

The frontend for finished areas is planned, but not yet done.

> 2.- It´s possible to make close(changeset/note) configurable? ( like some
> predefined auto option? ) "josm plugin"

Re: JOSM Update notes automatically 2 months ago

From Jiri Vlasak to ~qeef/damn-project

> > There is a change in the downloading notes automatically. The JOSM
> > preference
> > 
> > 	damn.download_notes_automatically
> > 
> > is not needed anymore and will be removed in the future. To enable
> > downloading notes automatically, please, update your area in the manager
> > [1]. Particularly, in the instructions sections, use
> > 
> > 	+ add configuration: _download_notes_automatically
> > 
> > You may need to refresh the manager web page with ctrl + shift + R (in
> > Firefox) to see that option.