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Dear mappers,

I would like to apply new policy for finishing areas.

TL;DR This concerns abandoned areas so if there is some work on an area
in last 90 days, the area is save.

## Policy for finishing abandoned areas

1. Finished areas

I've implemented new service for finished areas. The areas that have
been finished are now available [1]. Note this is JSON service, there is
no client for finished areas yet.

2. Upkeep script

The upkeep script finishes all the areas with priority -10 _and_ with
the last commit older than one month.

Finishing means that the area will be available at [1] and removed from
the database. This is irreversible change.

3. Abandoned areas

My proposal is to run the `abandoned_areas.py` script of the Damn
(Python3) client [2] each month and set the priority to -10 for all the
abandoned areas. The defaults are used for the abandoned area detection
which is _less than 5 commits in last 90 days_.

4. Exceptions

There are exceptions for abandoned areas -- the areas with the priority
of 1 are testing areas I sometimes refer to from the OpenStreetMap
diaries. These areas will not be finished.

## Conclusion

I think this policy is enough for current state of the Divide and map.
Now. [3]. I will apply it next month if there is no critique. In my
opinion, the most disputable is (3.)

If you are interested for a specific area (to keep it not -10,) consider
subscribing at


Have a nice day,

[1]: https://finished.damn-project.org/
[2]: https://git.sr.ht/~qeef/damn-client.py
[3]: https://www.damn-project.org/
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