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Let's talk about the ' rune 5 days ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

So BinaryCat raised a good point yesterday asking what was the point
of '(single-quote) if it behaves the same as "(double-quote) but for
one character, could it be used for literals instead if we can simply
"a for single raw ascii bytes.

I think that'd be a good change, my MOST frequent use of the
single-quote rune is for shortcuts routing and they're always prefixed
with LIT, I'd love to know what you think. It'll break lots of
projects and docs, but I wouldn't mind porting it all if others are
enthusiastic about this change.

Let me know what you think :)

Re: UF Version 3 released 28 days ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

That's excellent news :) I've been teaching someone Forth via email
using UF-2 these past few days, and it has been such a pleasure to
use. Being able to paste large chunks of code with lines will make
things easier for me.

I hope you're not annoyed by my looking over your code yet(which is
very well written by the way) Here's a little tip that anyone can use:

whenever you write

- `DUP2 #0000 EQU2`, instead use `ORAk #00 EQU`, to save a byte.

Gonna take a deep dive into UF3 today!

Re: Ctrl-space key combination in SDL uxn a month ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

> What was the reasoning behind choosing "Ctrl -> A" "Alt -> B" controller schema?

Varvara uses the standard NES controller, the keyboard modifier keys
go through the controller's button port. When you program the control
scheme for your app, think that it's likely that someone will be using
it on a NDS.

> I'm using Varvara on ChromeOS and Alt+Arrow combinations don't work.

Really?! That's very disappointing.. it's a pretty common key combination.

> Would not it be better to use something like Z, X instead of Ctrl, Alt as a standard layout?

What do you mean z/x? like the keys? But in most applications these

Re: Ctrl-space key combination in SDL uxn a month ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

It's a weird one, it works on some OSes, and doesn't on others. On OSX
people told me it triggers some sort of expose thing, it's not a great
candidate for portability that one, same with alt+tab which is
probably not going to register on some OSes.

Re: UF Version 2 released a month ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

It's not useless news.

I was just think that I should mention this so anyone else also
learning uxntal could see this, but:

When you do #0000 STH2, you could as well do LIT2r 0000, to push that
literal directly to the return stack. UF2 has 2 instances where lits
could be written directly in their stack.

It's a neat little optimization to know.

Re: UF Version 2 released a month ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

Please share it here when you do large updates like this.

Feature request:

^l Clear screen(page)

Re: UF Version 2 released a month ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

I love the improvements! The kernel is some of the nicest uxntal code
I've ever seen.

I love that the snarf word is now exposed in WORDS. I was wondering if
you had an idea about how multi-line pastes should be handled? Right
now it pastes an unknown character, which breaks evaluation a bit.


UF2 is wonderful <3

Re: Synthesizable Uxn CPU a month ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

I should probably have removed the System/wst deo from the tests, I
wrote this test rom for a varvara implementation, but I could remove
it, it hardly uses it.

I had the idea of making this test rom to get people started, after I
saw that the chip8 implementations often worked that way.

I don't know anything about assertion, verification, all that sort of
thing, so I probably won't be the person to write an implementation

Especially since i've been neck deep into this stuff for so long now,
that I have trouble looking at this from an outside perspective,
that's why I think you're at the perfect place, if you're up for it,

Re: Synthesizable Uxn CPU a month ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

I'm thrilled to see this come together, I don't have the internet
bandwidth to clone anything at this moment, but I'm excited to follow
along the repo until we sail back to civilisation.

You're the first person to use the uxntal test rom, do you have any
suggestion that you'd like to see, I haven't really shared it yet, and
I'd love to improve it if possible.

There's also no uxntal implementation guide, if you have some
pointers, or places that tripped you, let me know. I'd like to take
this opportunity to better document the project as well.

Since you're not planning on covering devices, would something like
busy beaver help you test things out? Are you using LED lights or

Re: File device and the debugger [was Re: Seeking the File device] a month ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

hey phoebos,

just wanted to say thanks for the sandboxing patch, works amazingly
well. I've been testing it for the past two days and I haven't found a
way to exit it.

I had to change my workflow on how I do a few things, namely how my
wiki was generated but I think it's all changes for the better. So
yeah, thanks :)