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Re: Tiny problem bootstrapping left 4 days ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/public-inbox

Anytime :) Have fun with Left!

Re: Tiny problem bootstrapping left 4 days ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/public-inbox

That's no the latest version of uxnasm, you should update and it'll be fine :)

Re: UF 6 released 15 days ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

Loving the little icon that you made for the metadata :)
I'm not sure if you remember about creating a label for the 4th offset
of @vocs, like

> @h4 04 "vocs :h3 ( -- a ) ;_var JSR2 @vocs :dp :null &mid :null :null @endvocs

So you could replace

> ;vocs #0004 ADD2 ,&copy JSR


> ;vocs/mid ,&copy JSR

Re: uxn rom metadata proposal 18 days ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

I should probably have answered here for posterity, instead of on
Merveilles. I'll share the link to our conversation so others can see
what was suggested.


Whichever system we decide to choose for meta-data, I welcome anyone
who is interested to implement it in Potato, so the future launcher
can preview the roms on the desktop interface.

Re: Raw Byte Rune 19 days ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

It's nuts, it took me a good while to untangle this whole thing in my
head, when I understood what was going on, it shattered my brain, well
done. I will be using this routine.

Furthermore, I feel honored to to be able to contribute to improving
it ever slightly, by removing `DUP2r LDAr`, for `LDAkr`.

Re: Raw Byte Rune 19 days ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

First off, I've implemented the _rune to write raw relative byte address.

But more importantly.. you've written an inline string routine?!
One of the coolest uxntal thing I've seen recently.


Re: Raw Byte Rune 19 days ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

So last night I tried implementing the raw rel, but I couldn't figure
out what the value of the raw byte had to be for it to work in a loop
for example, I'm a kind of a newbie when it comes to manipulating the
raw relative bytes. The raw rel rune will likely be `_`, but I'm not
sure what sort of offset it should have.

Since I've never really done much iterating with the return stack,
could anyone write me a hello world using the rst so I can test this

Re: Raw Byte Rune 20 days ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

> Could you clarify it with some examples? From your first paragraph I think I get the -label one (it gets replaced by the raw, one byte address assigned to the label? (specifically the least significant byte of the address?)), but I'm having trouble finding the difference between :label and =label in your proposal.

I've updated the rune chart, when you see it side by side it's easier
to see what this new rune does. Specifically the least significant
byte of the address, is correct :)


The :label and =label do the same thing. I'm not sure if I want to
change the rune altogether, add another one, or just keep : yet.
binarycat suggested that I use ^ for raw byte, but I'm not 100% sold
on this, since some people use ^ for bytes and * for shorts, I think
it'd be weird not to use * as the lit rune too.. And I don't like that
both characters need mod key for input(I type with one hand 90% of the

Re: [PATCH uxn] dpad and scale a month ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/public-inbox

Could you make a patch that is just the dpad support without changes
to the scale, and without the debug print?

Uxntal enums 2 months ago

From Hundred Rabbits to ~rabbits/uxn

Hi everyone,

It has been a while since I last sent an update, it's not that I
haven't been working on Uxn, on the contrary, it has been one of the
most productive of the summer. But I've been in a bit of a funk-

I remember a while back, I was toying with DawnOS, in one of the
folder of the disk image, there was this text file that read "Imagine
that software development becomes so complex and expensive that no
software is being written anymore, only apps designed in devtools."

I have a longer transcription of the DawnOS text file here: