Hundred Rabbits Summary of Changes January 2024

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Hey everyone!

This is the list of all the changes we've done to our projects during 
the month of January.


On January 10th the forge that we use to host our projects was taken 
down by DDoS attacks and was struggling to come back online(it's back 
now), the event reminded us that we ought to host mirrors and release 
versions of these source files ourselves. We have begun to host copies 
across our various websites.

Mirrors: http://wiki.xxiivv.com/etc/

The builds are still accessible through itch.io. These will be 
automatically updated as we work on them in their individual 
repositories, but mirrored there for reliability. We are thankful for 
Sourcehut's tireless work on resolving the issue and for taking the time 
to communicate important changes.

In keeping with the spirit of improving the resilience of the tools we 
use we've taken a moment to write a kind of pocket version of the 
console emulator and self-hosted assembler as to see how many lines are 
needed to start from the seed assembler and replicate it. A copy of the 
pocket emulator, the source for the assembler and its hexadecimal 
representation have been documented.

Pocket version: http://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/drifblim.html

On January 17th Victoria got its first snowfall, with it came 
temperatures below freezing.

Photo: https:/100r.co/media/content/stream/2024_snow.jpg

We got to test our recent improvements, like a new louvered closet vent 
to help ventilate the space(there are also two existing vents at the 
top, one on each side). The closet has been dry for the first time in 3 
years. We've made an effort not to keep too many items on the floor so 
the area can breathe. We got ice inside of the windows for the first 
time ever though... not ideal.

Photo: https:/100r.co/media/content/boat_projects/vent.jpg

See Uxn running on a Zaurus Husky.

Mastodon: https://loutre.info/@Hiro/111784989319495175


## Wiki

- Upholstery, https://100r.co/site/making_seamed_box_cushions.html#trapezoid
- Lifelines, https://100r.co/site/lifelines.html#dec2023
- Galley refit, https://100r.co/site/galley_refit
- Permacomputing, http://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/permacomputing.html

## Uxn

- Flappy Bird game, https://merveilles.town/@neauoire/111789669622654847
- Learn more, 

## Aliceffekt

- Wrote some new music, https://soundcloud.com/neauoire
- Learn more, http://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/aliceffekt.html

## GrimGrains

- Whole Wheat Pancakes, http://grimgrains.com/site/whole_wheat_pancakes.html


This month we are reading The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.
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