Hundred Rabbits Summary of Changes May 2024

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Hey everyone!

This is the list of all the changes we've done to our projects during 
the month of May.

Image: https://100r.co/media/content/videos/may_2024.jpg


We spent this month moving northward through both southern and northern 
British Columbia. We've been moving almost every day, stopping every 
night to anchor, sleep and recuperate. Sailing near land is not as 
relaxing as sailing offshore, this reef-strewn coast requires careful 
navigation. We've had many long days of endless tacking from one side of 
the channel to the other, almost all the way to Port McNeill, then after 
that we started to get more weather from the south for some mostly 
pleasant, but cold and rainy, downwind sailing. We've been using our 
woodstove a lot, in evenings it helps warm the boat after a long sail.

Image: https://100r.co/media/content/travel/pino_sails_moonshine.jpg

The above photo was taken by our friends on SY Moonshine, while sailing 
in Queen Charlotte Strait on May 20th.

On May 29th, 623 nautical miles miles after leaving Victoria, we arrived 
in Prince Rupert, our last major port in British Columbia before we head 
north to Southeast Alaska. Then, on June 2nd, we arrived in Ketchikan, 
Southeast Alaska. Most of our updates this month detail some of the 
places we've been(see the above list). To see our path, look at the 
pages for Western Canada and US Southeast Alaska. We update the map as 
we find internet.

We've seen sea otters, lots of humpback whales, two pods of orcas(one 
pod had a baby tagging along), eagles, and lots of mountains. In other 
non-travel related news, Devine is going to speak again at Handmade 
Seattle this upcoming November!

Conference: https://handmadecities.com/seattle


## Wiki

See our path north, https://100r.co/site/western_canada.html#summerroutes

- Frances Bay, https://100r.co/site/frances_bay.html
- Yuculta and Dent Rapids, https://100r.co/site/yuculta_and_dent_rapids.html
- Shoal Bay, https://100r.co/site/shoal_bay.html
- Port Neville, https://100r.co/site/port_neville.html
- Telegraph Cove, https://100r.co/site/telegraph_cove.html
- Port McNeill, https://100r.co/site/port_mcneill.html
- Fury Cove, https://100r.co/site/fury_cove.html
- Prince Rupert, https://100r.co/site/prince_rupert.html
- B.C. North Coast anchorages, 
- US Southeast Alaska, https://100r.co/site/us_se_alaska.html
- United States, https://100r.co/site/united_states.html

## Paradise

Implemented paradise in Modal.

- Repository, 
- Learn more, https://100r.co/site/paradise.html

## Notepad

- Added pen tool and line styles, 
- Repository, 

## Oekaki

Rect tool now uses brush settings.

- Repository, https://git.sr.ht/~rabbits/oekaki

## Adelie

Tga images are now dithered.

- Learn more, https://100r.co/site/adelie.html

## Left

Fixed issue for non-qwerty keyboards.

- Learn more, https://100r.co/site/left.html


This month we are reading The Martian by Andy Weir.
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