Hundred Rabbits Summary of Changes February 2024

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Hey everyone!

This is the list of all the changes we've done to our projects during 
the month of February.


Late last month we started re-modeling part of our galley, the work is 
now complete! It's subtle, but the splash image for the log now includes 
the re-design. We will test our new galley when we go out cruising.

Galley refit: https://100r.co/site/galley_refit.html

Pino will be adventuring a bit more north this summer, we're planning to 
explore the north coast of British Columbia, all the way to Prince 
Rupert, or possibly Ketchikan(AK), areas with little to no cell 
coverage. How far we go depends on what we find on the way. If the seas 
and winds are kind, and if we have time, we might go farther. We spend 
our days studying charts, gathering supplies, and fixing up the boat to 
make sure the passage is safe and pleasant. More updates on our plans soon!

Want to see something cool? Xsodect made Tetris in Orca!

Video: https://layer8.space/@vacuumbeef/111908425456442451


## Wiki

- Gimballed stove, https://100r.co/site/gimballed_stove.html
- Open pantry, https://100r.co/site/open_pantry.html
- Little Ninj, https://100r.co/site/little_ninj.html
- LPG fume detector, https://100r.co/site/lpg_fume_detection_system.html
- Western Canada, https://100r.co/site/western_canada.html

## Uxn

With the help of the community, we defined a specification on how labels 
and sub-labels should be nested into each other. Assemblers were updated 
to reflect that change, including the Uxn REPL.

- Uxn REPL, https://wiki.xxiivv.com/etc/uxnrepl/
- Label Inheritance, 
- Learn more, https://100r.co/site/uxn.html

## Left

- Accented latin characters support, https://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/utf8.html
- Learn more, http://100r.co/site/left.html

## Potato

- Added a screensaver, https://merveilles.town/@neauoire/111973239737050713
- Learn more, https://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/potato.html

## Hakum

- Released a new comic, https://kokorobot.ca/site/ruler_of_the_taiga.html
- Learn more, https://kokorobot.ca/site/hakum.html


This month we watched The Race to Alaska Movie.
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