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I believe I've found two bugs in Left (uxn).

When selecting the first word in a file with mouse2 the first
character of the word is not selected (possibly due to
@find-prev-special not checking the zeroth character for validity when
it reaches ;text).

Also, when moving to the left with ctrl+left, the cursor will end up
on the second character of the first word in the file. This may be a
similar bug in @find-prev-char.

My understanding of uxntal is still fairly limited, otherwise I'd try
to provide a patch. My apologies.

Somewhat related, the documentation at https://git.sr.ht/~rabbits/left
regarding arrows reads:

- ctrl+up next label
- ctrl+down prev label
- ctrl+left end of line
- ctrl+right start of line
- alt+left next word
- alt+right prev word

I believe this should be:

- ctrl+up prev label
- ctrl+down next label
- ctrl+left start of line
- ctrl+right end of line
- alt+left prev word
- alt+right next word

Essentially the prev/next and start/end are flipped, unless perhaps
this is intentional for some reason unclear to me.

Thanks for all your excellent work!

Best regards,
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