[BUG] controller directions sticking when using D-pad

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We've just made it through day 3 of the compudanzas tutorial - 
https://compudanzas.net/uxn_tutorial_day_3.html - and as part of that we 
implemented a little virtual controller display program (attached). 
After testing this with keyboard input, we picked up our USB 
controller[1] and tried that out.

The left analog stick and the A, B, X, Y, Back, Start, RB, and LB 
buttons all operate more or less as I would expect. There are oddities 
with the analog triggers and right analog stick that wouldn't affect us 
specifically[2], but the one that does affect us specifically is the D-pad.

If we use the left analog stick to rotate in a full circle, one or two 
directions will be displayed as pressed at any one time, following the 
movement of the control. If we do the same with the D-pad, all four 
buttons show as held until all four buttons are released. Trying the 
same controller with PICO-8, this difference did not appear, so I think 
it must be an issue with the uxnemu implementation we have.

On which note: we are using NixOS 23.11. That normally has the 
2023-11-12 version in the packages - 
- but we updated to the version from unstable - 
- which is the 2023-12-05 version, and found the same issue. We're not 
proficient with NixOS so we can't use binaries and don't know how to 
compile from source; we can ask friends for help if you need us to test 
it with a newer build.

Let us know if there's more information we can provide that would be 
helpful. Thank you.

- Packbats

[1] The sticker on the box says "Oussirro Wireless Con...ws 7, 8, 10 
(Black)"; it's a X-360/PC/Android third party XBox 360-style controller. 
It was a gift, we don't know anything else about it.

[2] The analog triggers are acting strange; they seem to press both Up 
and Down, and leave them pressed until we press and release Up or Down 
on an analog stick or the D-pad. The right analog stick only works in up 
and down but otherwise works correctly.
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I'll borrow a controller that I can replicate this issue with and try to 
fix it :) Thanks for the report!

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