Release Cycle 2022-02-15

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This week's release, "A bisl un a bisl vert a fule schisl", has been tagged as


== Release Notes

=== Breaking Changes

None known.

=== New Features

* The MVPeer has landed, a standalone, socket-activated link daemon
  featuring an RPC API.
* Batch updates using the tracking v2 API are now fused, ie. operations
  which are redundant or would be overwritten by later ones are dropped.

=== Improvements

* Tracking v2 does no longer prune remote tracking branches during
  migration from v1. Pruning behaviour can be customised in v2.
* A new crate, git-ref-format, was introduced which generalises and
  consolidates constructing, matching on, and transforming ref names.
* Numerous documentation and CI improvements.

=== Other

* RFC 701: Mutual Synchronisation has been accepted

=== Shortlog

(Excluding merge commits)

Alex Good (6):
      Add link_async::Incoming
      Add librad::paths::Paths::socket_dir
      Teach socket activation to handle multiple sockets
      Implement an RPC handler for node-lib
      Plumb in the RPC handler for node-lib
      Replace Remote<LocalUrl> with git2::remote_anonymous

Fintan Halpenny (4):
      tracking: remove pruning from v1
      rfc: amend batch tracking with fusion rules
      link-tracking: fuse actions for same urn/peer pairs
      link-tracking: optional prune on untracking

Jason Yundt (7):
      Improve badges’s alt text
      Fix links in CONTRIBUTING.md
      Add missing “the” in README
      Clarify naming requirements for Sourcehut CI
      Add git config recommendations for patches
      Link to the HTML version of the GPL
      Bump cargo-deny version for Sourcehut CI

Kim Altintop (11):
      workspace: license header template year
      workspace: bump minicbor
      librad: bump minicbor + derive expanded
      ci: use only license allow list for cargo-deny
      net: explicit deref
      RFC: Mutual Synchronisation
      ci: split into build / test stages
      ci: gitlab
      spec: convert to asciidoc
      git-ref-format: new refname crate
      replication: use git-ref-format

Thomas Scholtes (1):
      update radicle-keystore dependency

== Noteworthy discissions

* licensing


  Jason sent a patch which was meant to just fix some formalities around the
  LICENSE / COPYING file, but upon revisiting the text it turns out that the
  Radicle Linking Exception does not apply in most cases: the exception is only
  granted for releases made by the Radicle Foundation -- but the Radicle
  Foundation did not (and does not) make any releases of `radicle-link`.

  We are still waiting on feedback from the Foundation on how to proceed. In the
  meatime, please be aware that `radicle-link` is to be consided licensed as
  GPLv3-or-later, without any linking exceptions.
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