Release Cycle 2022-03-08

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This week's release "Tuentin Quarantino" has belatedly been tagged as


== Release Notes

=== Breaking Changes


=== New Features

* Persistent storage for known seeds

=== Improvements

* NixOS build
* Upgrade to clap 3
* Upgrade regex (RUSTSEC-2022-0013)

=== Other

* RFC 702: request-pull has been accepted

=== Shortlog

(Excluding merge commits)

Alex Good (1):
      Add a request-pull RFC

Fintan Halpenny (7):
      librad: add seeds file
      node-lib: seed refactor and storage
      test: property tests for seed storage
      ci: nixos sourcehut build
      cli: use clap-3.*.*
      lnk-exe: use clap global attribute
      lnk-exe: remove external subcommand

Kim Altintop (1):
      workspace: bump regex to 1.5.5
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