Release Cycle 2022-03-29

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This week's release "0xFF11" has been tagged as


== Release Notes

=== Breaking Changes


=== New Features

* RFC 702: request-pull has been implemented

=== Improvements

* A CBOR encoding bug has been fixed
* CI now passes more often ;) (due to retries)
* housekeeping

=== Shortlog

Alex Good (3):
      Rename node-lib → linkd-lib
      Move socket activation code to cli/lnk-clib
      node-lib: type directed request/response

Fintan Halpenny (16):
      storage: more generic methods
      node-lib: tracking for peer, urn, or pair of both
      rfc: amend RFC 702 wire format
      net: fix to allow streams above 23
      protocol: request-pull
      librad: wire up request-pull
      protocol: provide deny all guard
      protocol: buffer request_response stream
      protocol: obtain connection via tincans
      protocol::request-pull: use RefString instead of RefLike
      move the seed related code to cli/lnk-clib
      protocol: fix to lock being held across await
      test: add SocketAddr generators
      rfc: amend RFC-0696 with request-pull
      node-lib: refactor code organisation
      node-lib: add request-pull

Kim Altintop (3):
      ci: remove arch build
      ci: retry flakes
      ci: share target dir

== What's cooking

* We are discussing how to disseminate "events" to radicle applications on the
  same host, sans Apache(tm) Kafka


* The git-server patch may see a reroll in the coming cycle


* Replication v3 is expected to be feature-completed in the coming cycle. We may
  then stabilize the feature in the cycle after, and remove all traces of
  replication v2. Please raise any objections now.
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