Re: Release Cycle 2022-03-15

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This weeks release, codenamed "The Exorcist", has been tagged as


== Release Notes

== Breaking Changes

* The `daemon` crate is no longer part of this codebase and has been moved
  to the Upstream repo[1].

== Improvements

* We now link against our own forks of thrussh which are published on
* The test code has undergone some serious surgery and become faster,
  nimbler, and more beautiful

== Shortlog

(Excluding merge commits)

Fintan Halpenny (2):
      daemon: remove the radicle-daemon crate
      deps: bump keystore & use lnk-thrussh-agent

Kim Altintop (13):
      meta: remove license header check
      workspace: disable test everywhere
      test: move helpers to crate
      test: remove proptest-regressions file
      test: move stateful helpers to crate
      test: move various WithTmpDir instantiations to it-helpers
      test: move commit helper to it-helpers
      test: move daemon tests into crate
      test: explode test crate
      test: move test crates to their parent crates
      ci: use nextest
      workspace: consistent dependency versionrs
      test: document the setup

[1]: https://github.com/radicle-dev/radicle-upstream
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