Release Cycle 2022-02-08

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= Release Cycle 2022-02-08

Go forth and frolic in the fields!

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== Release Notes

=== Breaking Changes


=== New Features


=== Improvements

* Since the storage of tracking relations was not compatible between
  v1 and v2, we have added the migration of those tracking relations
  when the backend storage is initialised. The old relationships are
  removed as they are migrated, so this *should* only be a one-time
* Thanks to Jason for going through our docs and fixing up some
  details that rotted!

=== Shortlog

Fintan Halpenny (7):
      librad: tracking migration function
      librad: wire up tracking migration
      test: testing tracking migrations
      Merge tag 'patches/migrate-tracking/v4'
      Merge tag 'patch/minor-dco-improvements/v1'
      Merge tag 'jayman/patches/fix-mailing-list-link/v1'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'jayman.sr.ht/patches/patch-script-location/v1'

Jason Yundt (3):
      Use official DCO v1.1
      Fix mailing list link
      Fix the patch script’s location
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