Release Cycle 2022-03-22

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= Release Cycle 2022-03-22

The gang got enjoy the sun in Berlin, and we also got some spring
cleaning done -- as can be seen by the amount of improvements.

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== What's Cooking

=== The git server but for real, v1

We're excited to see a patch (for real this time) that introduces a
git-server. This opens the door for being able to run git commands as
per usual, but will go via the radicle-link storage and interact with
the peer.

=== Implementation of request-pull RFC 702[0]

Which brings us the segue of implementing request-pull. Once this
lands we can use it in the git-server to have seed servers pull our
changes when we `git push`.

=== Replication v3 Stabilisation

The stabilisation of replication v3 has been ongoing and we're close
to the end. The semantics of how the tracking configuration plays with
transitive tracking peers is up for debate, and is the last thing on
our TODO list for the stabilisation.

== Breaking Changes


== New Features


== Improvements

. attempting to load seeds from a file that does not exist will not
fail, but rather create the file.
. node-lib will continue if there were no seeds defined in the file.
. fix in the logic of ref scan of replication v3.
. replication v3 was taught how to do validation in one pass - note
that the validation of signed refs at the end of the process will not
prevent the storage being corrupt, but rather signify a bug occurred.
. replication v3 was taught how to prune deleted refs.
. the e2e binary fell out of sync and was fixed to be in executable
form again.
. cargo-nextest derivation added to allow the NixOS build to run.

== Shortlog

(Excluding merge commits)

Fintan Halpenny (5):
      node-lib: fix path creation
      node-lib: continue on when no file seeds
      e2e: fix key-source renaming
      e2e: add shell.nix
      nix: add derivation for cargo-nextest

Kim Altintop (3):
      link-replication: fix ref scan
      link-replication: redo validation
      link-replication: prune
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