Release 2022-05-03

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= Release Cycle 2022-05-03

== Breaking Changes

* The librad::Signer trait no longer has a blanket implementation and
  must be implemented by each type.
* The collaborative object API no longer authorizes changes, and is
  left to the implementor.
* The `replicate`, `interrogate`, and `request_pull` function on
  `librad::net::Peer` are deprecated. They should be called through
  `Peer::client` instead.

== New Features

* Added `rpc::Client` for making stateless calls to `replicate`,
  `interrgoate`, and `request_pull`.

== Improvements

* Nix builds now use rust-1.60.
* Nix now uses clang as the linker.
* Socket activation was improved and launchd support was introduced.

== Shortlog (Excluding merge commits)

Alex Good (3):
      Remove blanket Signer impl
      Introduce separate tokio runtime for sign_blocking
      Allow anyone to change a collaborative object

Fintan Halpenny (11):
      nix: update nix/sources.json for rust-1.60
      rfc: ammend request-pull with SHOULD gossip
      protocol: remove State param from recv::git
      net: optional Conntrack for Connection
      net: send only endpoint
      protocol: send-only rpc client
      peer: expose RPC methods via Client
      librad-test: fix to add test feature flag
      test: add TestClient to testnet
      cob: missed cargo fmt
      nix: update niv sources to avoid lld warnings

Kim Altintop (4):
      deny: allow curve25519-dalek 3.2.1
      nix: make shell.nix inherit from default.nix
      nix: add clang and lld to shell.nix
      lnk-clib: socket activation overhaul
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