Release Cycle 2022-06-21

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= Release Cycle 2022-06-21

Straight to VHS

This release has been tagged as:


== Breaking Changes

* The replication-v3 flag has been stabilised and has now become the
  default. The previous version of replication is now removed.

== New Features

* link-hooks has been introduced and has an API exposed via librad. It
  still requires wiring-up in the CLI packages.
* `lnk clone` command has been added to checkout a working copy of the
  provided URN. This utilises some helper functions for determining
  and setting a HEAD ref for a project.

== Improvements

* gitd accepts the format `rad://<ns>[/<path>].git` which can be used
  in combination url.<base>.insteadOf[0] to convert it to the required
  ssh:// protocol.

== Shortlog (excluding merge commits)

Alex Good (5):
      Add default_branch_head and set_default_branch
      Use it_helpers::WorkingCopy instead of Repository
      lnk-identities: update path logic and set up include
      Make gitd accept the URL format of include files
      Add lnk clone

Fintan Halpenny (7):
      repl: stabilise replication-v3
      librad::paths: add hooks directory
      link-identities: add gen_oid_with_zero
      link-hooks: property tests
      link-hooks: smoke test running hooks
      librad: wire up link-hooks

[0]: https://git-scm.com/docs/git-config#Documentation/git-config.txt-urlltbasegtinsteadOf
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