Release Cycle 2022-07-05

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= Release Cycle 2022-07-05

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== Breaking Changes


== New Features


== Improvements

* track and untrack are compliant with the latest tracking API,
ie. the peer is optional and a config can be specified.
* the <name> portion of a working copy remote is now optional
* updated to rust-1.62

== Shortlog (Excluding Merge Commits)

Fintan Halpenny (4):
      gitd: cargo fmt
      lnk-identities: make name optional for include remotes
      lnk-identities: improve track and untrack
      nix: rust-1.62 update

== What's Cooking?

Removal of schemas is at the door, but we need to figure out some
formatting woes before we merge.

cobs/remove-schemas v1

* tag 'alx/patches/cobs/remove-schema/v1':
  cobs: Remove schemas from RFC
  cobs: Remove schemas from
  lnk-identities: make name optional for include remotes
  gitd: cargo fmt

The RFC of gitd ref rewriting is in review and we're expecting an
update to the draft.

RFC: gitd ref rewriting

* tag 'alx/patches/rfc/gitd-ref-rewriting/v1':
  gitd ref-rewriting RFC
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