Release Cycle 2022-07-12

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= Release Cycle 2022-07-12

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== Breaking Changes

* Schemas were removed from the cobs RFC and crate. The loading of a
  collaborative object is backward compatible, since it treats the
  schema as optional. It will not, however, use the schema for any
  validation purposes.

== New Features


== Improvements

* Updated nix derivation to use nightly 2022-07-01 for formatting

== Shortlog (Excluding Merge Commits)

Alex Good (2): cobs: Remove schemas from cobs: Remove schemas from RFC

Fintan Halpenny (3): nix: update rustfmt nightly 2022-07-01

== What's Cooking?

=== Gitd Spec

Alex has been writing a fleshed out RFC for the gitd. Previously, we
did not have a spec for that particular piece of work. After some
experimentation we discovered some issues with the current
implementation and having a specification will help document the
necessary requirements for building a gitd.

=== Revisiting Hooks

I started a conversation[0] on revisiting some of the details in the
Storage Hooks RFC. I believe the final details are settled on. The
plan is to rework the RFC + implemetation with these details in mind
and wire it up in the necessary places.

=== Configuration of Seeds

A conversation on seed configuration[1] in the web client world was
provided to see how it could fit with how the protocol is currently
storing and using seeds.

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