Re: Should lnk-identities::git::clone create multiple branches?

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On Wed Aug 17, 2022 at 1:12 PM IST, Slack Coder wrote:
> > This cloning command is to essentially "clone" what's represented in
> > the monorepo for that project and make an exact working copy in the
> > directory you're cloning to. I suppose it can be thought of as a clone
> > and fetch.
> Would following git-clones behavior not be better or more accurate?
> Git-clone does the same thing, except the view is different (unless the 
> --mirror option is used).  All local branches on the remote are copied 
> to the cloned project as remote tracking branches listed under 'git 
> branch -r'.  Keeping these as remote branches would reduce duplication 
> and is more in line with expectations of people coming from git.
> I am working on radicle-cli, and we're relying on clone via the 
> lnk-identities::checkout.  Maybe there's a better route?  The additional 
> local branches will be unnecessary for most end users, just pushing 
> active contributors to delete them after.

That sounds reasonable to me. I believe we went with the current
behaviour when discussing the experience with Upstream at the time. If
you would like to take a crack at having a more `git clone` type of
experience I'd be happy to take a look at the changes :)
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